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FOOD STUFF: Nibble These Chilies And One or Two Might Nibble Back

Pimientos de padrón, a tapa tradition in Galicia, in northwestern Spain, are now being grown in California.

These small fresh green chilies, not much bigger than grapes, are usually sautéed for about a minute in hot olive oil, dusted with sea salt and served as a nibble with a glass of white wine. Most have a mild, nicely vegetal flavor, but every now and then one turns up as hot as a jalapeño, making cocktail hour a sort of Spanish roulette.

Because the season will last only about six weeks longer, they are being sold at reduced prices: $4.99, instead of $7.50, for a quarter pound (about 20 peppers) or $17.50, instead of $27, for a pound, at www.tienda.com or (888) 472-1022. Shipping is extra. They can be kept refrigerated for at least a week.