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Farm-Style Relish

Original-Farm Style Relish

Our Happy Quail Farm-Style Relish recipe was inspired by a traditional Winsberg family favorite, a bread and butter pickle originally taken from an old Rumford Baking Powder Cookbook.

Starting with a mix of our fresh farm-grown mild and spicy peppers, and onions, vinegar, and salt, we have created a fresh, flavorful relish for today's contemporary palate. Try our Happy Quail Farm-Style Relish, available in pint jars.

We have partnered this year with Happy Girls Kitchen from San Francisco to minimally process our relishes, adding only the finest Nana Mae's Apple Cider Vinegar, and salt to enhance the fresh flavor of our peppers.

Happy Quail Farms' Farm-Style Relishes are destined to become your favorite addition to sandwiches and salads.


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