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Dried Habanero Peppers - 1 oz

1 oz bag of dried Habanero peppers.

Also available in 16 oz and 8 oz bags. See below.

Heat Rating: 10

C. chinense

Habanero Peppers are little pretty brutally hot peppers. We grow a small crop of several Habanero cultivars which include Red, Orange, Yellow, and Chocolate Savina Habanero Peppers. Traditionally used in ceviche, Jamaican jerk BBQ sauces and a few other hot dishes, Habeneros are not for the timid pepper lover. Habanero Peppers are a native of Central American and the Caribbean. They are unreliable late season producer for us and tend to mature late and all at once.

Dried or Smoked/Dried?
Default is Dried.

Price per unit$5.00
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